When you say it, it's like a chainsaw. So lift those arms, then sweep them down in a bloody fashion. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH.
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Heyso, you're in Amtgard and such! And you've met Kite, which makes me wonder, what park are you from?

Hey, sorry it’s taken me forever to answer this. : / I didn’t know I had a message! I play at Sanguine University in the Celestial Kingdom. Name’s Rynegade. I’m actually about to make a different tumblr account so I’ll send you a request. : ]

Wish I wasn’t

but I am.

It’s too bad we’re all hypocrites.

It’s too bad when it really matters we don’t do what’s right.

I wish I could make everyone believe what I believe.
I wish I could tell you what I think.

I could, if you wouldn’t assume I thought like you.

Not everyone agrees with you.

No one agrees with me.

It’s hard to pretend you’re happy when

It’s hard to pretend you’re okay when

It’s hard to pretend to smile when

there’s so much that hates you.

CK End Reign

Congratulations to Episode Skinrot for becoming king of the Celestial Kingdom! < 3 And he’s all mine~

Heh, anyhoo, End Reign was a blast but the work is not over yet. Sanguine University is holding Kingdom Quals and I think I’m working half on Mid-Reign Feast.

Also, gotta work really hard to prove I’m getting better at fighting and helping to improve the game.

I’ve got prospects, for the first time I’ve been playing this game. : ]

This is a random dude someone wants for a website. Her character, and she wants three more. This guy is a thief, and really likes to wear black.
Ugh, here we go!

This is a random dude someone wants for a website. Her character, and she wants three more. This guy is a thief, and really likes to wear black.


Ugh, here we go!

Pretty sure you've always wanted to see me naked.. Well.. I'm feeling pretty adventurous today so go to datelink6[dot]com (switch [dot] with .) then sign up and find my profile under the username 'lolsummer69'. I hid my face in the pictures. but I want you to guess who I am and then hit me up on Facebook lol. Good luck.


I’m pretty sure I haven’t always wanted to see you naked.

I’ve decided!

I think I need to do some serious remodeling here, like updating it with art and stuff~!


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I started playing Amtgard last Saturday. My boyfriend and his brother play, and it larping is something I’ve always wanted to try. It was really fun, and I love all the people. No one is afraid to be themselves. It really makes you comfortable. Though there are alot of people that are epic at…

Hey! Rynegade here. I’ve been playing for about a year and I’d say I’m alright. : ] What kinds of things would you like to know?

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This weekend we had an althing at our Shire of Niflheim! It was great! We were also raided by Land’s End, which lead to something absolutely amazing!

Now, at Land’s End there is an absolutely smashing guy by the name of Kite. He asked me to go for a walk with him so I was like “SURE!” On that…

Kite’s a cool guy. Met him at Spring War~ Also, totally following you because of Amtgard. 8D

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SPOILER. I can’t read minds!


Fancy a cup of tea…?


Fancy a cup of tea…?

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